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C&R FFL 03 Bound Book / C&R Bound Book / Curio and Relics Bound Book, 72 Pages, Black Leather Cover

    Durable Bonded Leather Hardback Cover
    Flexible Round Binding so Book Lays Flat and can expand to accommodate photographs
    High Quality Binding with Superior Archival-Safe Paper
    72 Pages (8 7/8" x 7") - One Page Per Firearm Format with Space for 4"x6" Photo
    Includes Guidelines and Fields for Recording Data Required by Title 27--ATF, Part 478 - Commerce in Firearms and Ammunition Guidelines for Documentation
    This is the best way for firearms collectors to document their compliance with Title 27 ATF Documentation Requirements for Firearms Collectors. Each page has space for a 4" x 6" photo and the fields for recording information on the firearm as prescribed in Table 4 of Title 27, Part 478
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