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The Animal Maintenance Log Book is ideal for anyone who works extensively with animals and needs to track data related to the animals. Each page is designed to enable the easy recording of detailed information specific to individual animals. Makes it convenient for logging observations, work activity or daily maintenance of all animals involved in a particular project or located in a facility.

  • Highly Flexible Round Binding so Book Lays Flat
  • Black Imitation Leather Cover with Special Coating for Durability in Lab Environments
  • 1/4" (5 mm) Ruled Columnar Format for recording observational or experimental data
  • Each page provides a separate block to identify the animal and the particular project it's associated with, as well as important phenotype and genotype information.
  • Contains Fields for Signature, Date and Book Number
  • Sequentially Numbered Pages
  • Printed on Acid-Free Archival-Safe Paper
  • Page Dimensions: 8 7/8” x 11 ¼” (22.5cm x 28.6cm)
  • 168 pages

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